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  • *JUNE 2022*
    9th-18th: Tivoli Varietéen at Glassalen (Tivoli-Copenhagen)
    10th: Performance at Nordea Bank event – Closed event
    22nd: Performance at DANA Award show at Odeon (Odense) – Closed event

    *JULY 2022*
    2nd & 3rd: Dance workshop at CPH Flamenco Academy (Copenhagen)
    20th: With Cæcilie Nordby at Haveselskabet Frederiksberg (Copenhagen)

    *AUGUST 2022*
    18th-28th: STRANDSALON at Bellevue Theater (Denmark)

    1st-3rd: STRANDSALON at Bellevue Theater (Denmark)
    21st: Flamenco performance at the Concerthall at Musikkens Hus (Aalborg)